9 Must Have Engagement Picture Poses

My husband and I met in college, so we chose our college campus as the location of our engagement picture shoot. Our photographer (Laressa Marie Photography) was awesome and did a great job of balancing posed pictures and pictures of us being us. It was magical and the results were stunning! Here are the 9 Must Have Engagement Picture Poses for any shoot:

1. A great ring shot

Is it really an engagement shoot if there isn’t at least one great picture of the ring? I feel that this picture is essential. After all, it’s not for long that you wear the engagement ring without its wedding ring counterpart! For my ring picture, it was important to me that my class ring also be showcased. Perhaps this is something that only my fellow Aggies will understand, but I wanted to be sure BOTH of the most important rings in my life had their time in the spotlight! “There’s a spirit can ne’er be told.”


2. The cheek kiss

Cute, innocent, and great for save the dates!


3. Foreheads pressed together


4. The loving smile

The “almost kissing, love you so much smile”. Again, great for save the dates and prints for the wedding.


5. The hidden kiss

My husband actually came up with this one in the moment and it ended up being one of our favorite poses! This is the picture that illicits the “awwww!” response from friends and family.


6. A natural movement

Great photographers take pictures constantly through the photography session with the idea being that they can capture natural movements and interactions between you and your partner. You may not even realize your photographer is capturing images like this one, but it’s pictures like this that let your personalities shine. We love this picture.


7. The risque kiss

Maybe it’s just my southern roots, but to me this pose is slightly risque. Even though they may be slightly uncomfortable to pose for, it’s poses like this that turn a very vanilla engagement shot into something more exciting. Even if you are a conservative couple, it’s important to have a few of these fun poses. Some may end up looking a little awkward, but odds are, you’ll find a diamond in the rough! If nothing else, your photographer will be able to catch some great and genuine laughing pictures!


8. A picture that showcases your date

Don’t forget to do this one! You have an amazing chance here to take cute pictures that will be perfect for save the dates and invitations. Plan ahead a little and come prepared with some kind of sign that has your date in large, visible numbers.


Side note: I made this sign weeks before our photography session. I looked around the internet to get ideas, decided what I wanted our sign to look like, and took the time to make the sign. When we got to the bar where some of our pictures were to be taken, my fiance (now husband) promptly rented a set of pool balls, picked out the numbers for our date and set our rings on top. It was so cute that we ended using his picture idea on our save the date instead of mine! Sometimes I’m torn between being proud of him and wanting to punch him in the face. Love is funny that way.


9. A picture in a special place

Even if this special place is only special to you and your partner and you are the only ones who will appreciate the photo, do it! These pictures are keepsakes for you, after all! Take advantage of this opportunity and make sure you pick a special place to take romantic pictures that you’ll cherish forever. As an Aggie couple, we couldn’t help but take pictures under the century tree. For those who don’t know, the legend of the tree says that any couple who walks under the tree together will be together for a century. For us, this picture is worth a thousand words.


The best advice I can give for your engagement shoot is to relax, be yourself, and smile! If you’ve picked a good photographer, they will take care of the rest. If you are at ease, that will come across on camera and your personalities will shine.

Have fun and don’t take it too seriously!

9 Must Have Engagement Picture Poses


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