8 Details for a Classy Rustic Wedding

The trick to making your rustic wedding classy, not kitschy is to decorate your venue in a way that looks authentic rather than crafty. The best way to drive any theme home in a classy way is to decorate with items that would be found in that place naturally. To achieve an authentic rustic look, for example, decorate with flowers that look like they were picked from a field and place the flowers in eclectic glassware that looks like it could have come from your grandma’s kitchen cabinet. Do this, and you’re off to a great start. Incorporate all of these details and you’ll have a classy rustic wedding that’s hard to beat!

1. Abundant, simple flowers

Use flowers that are in season and use a lot of them. Flowers will brighten up your venue and help to bring the outside in. Bringing the outside in is essential for any rustic wedding.

Keep the flowers simple. A good rule of thumb is to use no more than three colors and no more than six or seven types of flower. To create centerpiece arrangements that look like they’ve come from a field, mix and match your different flower varieties and use different types of glassware to hold the arrangements. Using different styles and heights of plain mason jars will help keep your look streamlined and classy with a hint of rustic flair.

2. Glassware that is eclectic and understated

You will need many containers for your wedding. You need containers for flowers, candles, silverware, drinks, and more. The best way to make all of your containers flow into a classy rustic theme is to make them eclectic and understated. By understated what I mean is, don’t try to decorate all of your containers to match. The more containers that you craft on, the more your wedding will move away from the classy look and move toward the crafty/kitschy look. The best way to achieve the classy rustic look is to use many different kinds of glassware (different sizes, styles, etc), but to leave the glassware undecorated. This will ensure that everything matches and will help keep your overall look clean and beautiful.

If all of the glassware looks like it might have come from your grandma’s kitchen cabinet, you’re on the right track.

4. A chandelier over the dance floor

This is such an easy way to add elegance to the entire room! The dance floor chandelier can be seen from everywhere in the reception venue and it will add a huge “wow” factor. The chandelier is also a great way to add class to your rustic venue.

5. Touches of lace

Being from Texas, I’ve been to many rustic themed weddings. In my opinion, the look of lace is much more classy at a rustic wedding than the look of burlap. While I do believe that small touches of burlap here and there can still be classy, decorating with a lot of burlap brings the overall look of the wedding from classy to kitschy. Lace can be seen in any old country home, while burlap would never have been seen in an old home. Decorating authentically is what will make your rustic wedding a classy wedding. Like I said, using small bits of it here and there can still be tasteful, as long as it’s not used as one of your main fabrics.

Lace is bright, old fashioned, classy, and still very rustic. Decorating with touches of lace is a great way to add hints of old fashioned class to your reception space.

6. A rustic bar sign

The bar is a great place to bring in some really rustic touches. Even in classy spaces, bars are allowed (and maybe even expected) to be extremely rustic. The rustic bar hearkens to fun nights spent in centuries old dance halls with worn out wooden floors, neon lights, and dusty pairs of cowboy boots. Being from the south, it’s around bars like this that I have some of my best memories. The bar is the perfect place to really pull in the rustic theme. Rustic bars evoke memories of great nights and will help anybody relax and have a great time at your wedding.

7. Lots and lots of twinkly lights

Do not underestimate the power of the glow factor! Add lights absolutely everywhere you can. Lighting is inexpensive and is probably the decoration that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. As the sun sets, the twinkly lights will add beautiful mood lighting to your reception.

Invest in lots of candles and twinkle lights. String up the strands of lights in trees, over the dance floor, and up columns in the room. Scatter the candles across all of the tables, in the windows, and up the staircase. All of this lighting will add a beautiful, warm, and classy glow to your rustic space.

8. Natural wood tones

Again, an essential component of any rustic wedding is bringing the outside in. A beautiful, classy way to do this is to use natural wood tones in your decorating. If you have nice wooden tables, don’t cover them with table cloths. Leave them uncovered to add to your venue’s rustic charm. Invest in a personalized wooden sign with your names and wedding date to welcome your guests to the party. Use old doors to create a beautiful wedding arch or as a backdrop for your wedding cake/sweets table.

Be creative, and remember to decorate authentically!


8 Details for a Classy Rustic Wedding



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