Easter Egg Dying Date Night Fail

My husband and I do a date night pretty much every week. We began this tradition when we started dating and have worked diligently to keep it alive moving forward into our marriage. We’re not perfect and life gets in the way so we do miss weeks here and there, but overall we’ve kept the weekly date night going. Each week, we alternate who plans the date night which has started a bit of a “who can plan the best date night” competition. This week, it was my husband’s turn to plan and he came up with Easter egg dying!

As part of our monthly budget, we include a certain amount of money for date nights. As we are in the beginning of our marriage and on a tight budget, the amount we set aside for date nights is fairly small. Some of our dates are completely free, many are very inexpensive, few are a little pricey, and all are memorable.

I didn’t grow up dying eggs every Easter, but my husband did. His family would dye eggs the night before Easter each year. They dyed an egg for every person in the family and would write each person’s name on the egg. Then, they used the eggs as place cards at Easter lunch. Such a cute idea! As little kids, my husband and his brother would decide together what each person’s favorite color was and dye an egg for them in that color. I can only imagine the cuteness that was that conversation.

This week was my husband’s turn to plan date night and he decided that we were going to bring back his family’s tradition of Easter egg dying! I could not have been more excited. I love anything crafty and I’ve always wanted to dye Easter eggs. I looked forward to this date night all week.

In Scotland, Easter egg dying really isn’t a thing. They don’t sell the kits in stores and if you order them online you pretty much have to have them shipped from the US. Because of this, we chose to follow a Pinterest tutorial on how to dye eggs with food coloring.

Maybe it was the fact that we used food coloring instead of a dyeing kit. Maybe it was because we had to use brown eggs instead of white (the stores in our area in Scotland don’t sell white eggs). Or maybe we should have emptied the entire bottle of food dye into each bowl. Regardless, the eggs really didn’t dye at all. We fiddled with them for hours trying to get them to dye. It was pretty much an epic fail, but a heck of an effort.


We had a good laugh and the night was fun regardless of how the eggs turned out. On Easter morning, we ate our colorless eggs and laughed again at what a failure the egg dying ordeal had been. We have sworn to always buy the egg dying kits from here on out.

Date nights are wonderful. They are something to look forward to every week and they make each of us have to think about the other and come up with a special night that the other person would enjoy. Most importantly, they are a time for us to put everything else aside and enjoy each other’s company. I truly believe that our commitment to date nights has had a huge positive impact on our relationship.

Relationships aren’t perfect, people aren’t perfect, and sometimes, in spite of our best efforts, date nights aren’t perfect. It can be easy to feel like you have failed each other in these moments, but the beauty of love is that even through failures, there is great joy to be found with each other and with the things you do together.

Happy Easter!


7 thoughts on “Easter Egg Dying Date Night Fail

  1. atkokosplace says:

    Even though the eggs didn’t take the coloring, I bet you both had a wonderful time remembering what Easter was like when you were kids. What a great idea “date night” is and having each other plan it, helps both to be inventive and creative! :0


  2. OldCountryGirl says:

    I love all crafty things, too, but I am really bad at Easter egg dying. Same problem every year…I just don`t manage that the color sticks to the eggs 😉 This year, I did try again with my little girl. It has been fun, but the eggs looked the same afterwards 😉


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