Midweek Thoughts on Italy and Italian Food

We are mid week into our anniversary trip to the Amalfi Coast in Italy so I thought I would share a quick recap of our trip thus far and tempt you with some of the amazing food we’ve eaten.

First and foremost, I have fallen head over heals in love with this place. The food, the people, the scenery. It’s heaven on earth.


I’m not quite sure how I’m supposed to go back to regular life after spending a week staring at this.

We’ve had several days of lounging around town, hanging out on the beach, but we’ve also done some exciting things.

One such exciting thing was a visit to the ruins of Pompeii (a lifelong dream of mine) and a hike up Vesuvius.


Here we are standing in Pompeii with a very ominous Vesuvius looming in the distance behind us.

Yes, I am aware that my floppy hat screams tourist. I’m okay with that! As far as I’m concerned it’s a sun protector that doubles as a giant billboard telling all of the locals that I don’t speak Italian and should be helped in English whenever possible. Most Italians tend to be very forgiving of the clueless tourists. We have met so many extremely kind people. Have I mentioned how much I love Italy?

Also, when I bought the hat my husband informed me that he really liked it. In his words it was, “Big and floppy, just like you (me)!” After the words left his mouth he immediately looked very afraid, but luckily for him I found it funny and it’s become a running joke on our trip.

For those of you who haven’t met him, my husband is a really funny, quirky guy. He constantly makes me laugh and is always cracking jokes. Sometimes he speaks before thinking, but I love him all the more for it. Laughter is the best medicine and we have an unending supply.

But I digress. Back to Italy!

I legitimately cried when I ate my first bite of pizza here on our first night. I know, I know. Just when you thought I couldn’t get any more lame I start crying when I eat pizza. In my defense, I am incredibly passionate about food. In that bite of pizza I could taste the passion of the chef and a lifetime of knowledge paired with fresh ingredients like I’ve never tasted before. That pizza was even more beautiful than the scenery.

We have enjoyed everything we’ve eaten here in Italy and I’ve learned a ton about Italian culture and cooking. Of everything I’ve learned, this has been my biggest takeaway:

Italian food is simple.

Few ingredients of really high quality prepared in a way that really lets the flavors shine.

I’ve never had food so good in my life.


I look forward to implementing this style of cooking into my Italian food from now on.

For now, I’m off to soak up the Italian sun in my big, floppy hat for a few more days!



4 thoughts on “Midweek Thoughts on Italy and Italian Food

  1. Brenda Kenworthy says:

    I love this, Kaitlyn, and I am so glad you and Blythe had such a special and memorable anniversary week.

    Butch and I are hoping to visit Northern Italy and the Austrian Alps for our 25th anniversary next year.

    I hope I will get to taste some of your authentic Italian dishes when you guys get back to the States.

    Love to you both!


    • Southern Abroad says:

      We really did have a spectacular time. Northern Italy and the Austrian Alps will be absolutely amazing!!! So excited for you guys! I will definitely need to cook a big meal for everyone once we get back to the states. 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    So jealous — we never got that far down in Italy – we did get to Rome , Florence , Pisa – but it was the northern part that we were in around Venice, Milano . Someday I still wish we could go back just to see how much it has changed in 58 years. So glad you are getting to travel & see the world — love your blog & recipes


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