Picnic in the Garden Date Night

When we first arrived in Edinburgh last August we brought with us 3 suitcases, 2 backpack carry ons, and 1 handful of cash meant to last us until we could open a Scottish bank account. We intended to open the bank account first thing, but come to find out, it’s not quite that simple in the UK. We soon discovered that our small amount of cash was going to need to last us, not just a week, but nearly a month and would need to cover our down payment and first month’s rent on our flat. Oy.


Luckily, we did plan for the unforseen and brought more money than we knew we needed for living expenses, but this new revelation was going to stretch our resources to the max. To help cover the gap we did some silly things like walking nearly 6 miles from one end of Edinburgh to the city center rather than spending 3 GBP on bus fare. We also spent as little as possible on food. For each meal we would go into a small city grocery store, buy a piece of bread each and split an on sale piece of cheese or meat. Once every couple of days we would indulge in an on sale cookie.

Y’all, we were eating on less than 5 GBP a day TOTAL between the two of us. Not running out of money is a powerful motivator to eat however you need to to get by.

Surprisingly, even though money was tight for those first few weeks, we actually look back on that time as a really enjoyable beginning to our Scottish adventure. You see, every time we walked out of that grocery store with our bread and cheese, we would take our meager meal down to the gardens, sit on the lush Scottish grass, and eat while staring up at the 1000 year old castle that watches over the city.


We got to enjoy a different European cheese or smoked meat each day alongside a painstakingly baked piece of artisan bread. These are the things that are the cheapest to eat here and we were kind of in awe of the quality. Our meals were not lacking in flavor.


Springtime is just now starting to show its face in Scotland. Well some days it feels like spring. Other days, like yesterday and today, it snows. It was Blythe’s turn to plan date night last week. On one of the beautiful days he had me meet him in the gardens after work/school.


He brought with him a spread from the small grocery store that included, you guessed it, bread, cheese, and smoked meat. We sat on a park bench and stared up at the castle while we ate, reminiscing about all that’s happened since we arrived last August.


It’s amazing how, in what seems like such a short time, this city has really become our second home. All of the corners that used to be foreign are now completely familiar. Every street holds shops and restaurants that we know well. The sounds, smells, and sights are ones that have become very much a part of our daily lives. We love living here and I am so thankful to have a husband who was able to bring the joy and adventure of the last few months to the forefront with a simple, and completely perfect, picnic date night.


On a completely unrelated note, I had Blythe take a picture of my hair because I was rockin’ the side braid. I was going through the date night pictures and this one made me laugh so I just had to share. Blythe does a great job of indulging my girly interests in hair and makeup which is definitely above and beyond the call of duty. He’s really one of a kind.



Until next time!


Southern Abroad



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