Kilts, Stormtroopers, and Moody Weather

It’s May the fourth and that’s means it’s Star Wars Day! I’m going to let my nerd flag fly a little bit here and say that I love Star Wars. I grew up watching the movies and when The Force Awakens came out in theaters last December I was absolutely giddy to go see it. Here in Edinburgh, they celebrate Star Wars Day a little differently than we did in Texas…

Observe specimen number one:

Star Wars Day


Seeing stormtroopers in kilts running up and down the street is NOT something I have EVER seen (even in Austin), but boy, it sure will put you in the Star Wars Day spirit!

There’s just something about men running around in kilts that makes one fall in love with Scotland.

There’s just something about men running around in kilts and stormtrooper gear that makes one have faith in the good natured people of the world.

Thank you stormtrooper in a kilt. You made my day.

I love Edinburgh.

Special thanks to Edinburgh Spotlight for the awesome picture! Like them on Facebook for a constant stream of beautiful pictures of Scotland’s capital!

Onto specimen number two:

There are always pipers on the corners here in Edinburgh, but this wee lad was getting an unusual amount of attention.

I would like to point out my seamless integration of a Scottish phrase in the previous sentence. I am assimilating!

Ask me to say it in a Scottish accent, though, and I’d be completely useless. The Scottish accent is well outside of the capabilities of my central Texas style slight southern drawl.

I think I’m getting off topic. Give this here young wipper-snapper a listen, ya hear!

I didn’t know my life was missing a bagpiper playing the Star Wars theme song in front of the castle, but it turns out it was!

This is the kind of thing that can brighten any day.

My post title also promised you a glimpse at the moody spring Scottish weather and I am nothing if not a lady who keeps her promises. So without further adieu, I present springtime Scottish weather:

This was at 10:00 this morning


This was at 10:10 this morning


This was a picture from last week


Scottish weather got me feelin’ like


That’s all for now!





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