The 6 Best Ways to “Adult”at Disney World

Around this time last year my newly married husband and I were embarking on our honeymoon to Disney World and it’s got me reminiscing. With sparkly new rings and matching t-shirts we made our way to the most magical place on earth. Few people are aware of the grown up and still completely magical side of Disney World, but never fear! I’m here to spill the beans and tell you all about it.

When most people think of Disney World things like the rides, shows, characters, and parades come to mind. While all of these aspects of the parks are wonderful and full of that special brand of “Disney magic” there is an adult side to Disney World that doesn’t often get the attention it should. I am here to tell you all about it.

My husband and I chose Disney World for our honeymoon for a multitude of reasons, the biggest being the variety of high end dining experiences and the added “magic” that we knew the Disney staff would add to this special time in our lives.

And we were not disappointed.

We now live in Europe and have taken some amazing vacations. Our Disney honeymoon still stands among the best.

Here are The 6  Best Ways to “Adult” at Disney World:

1. Use a Disney Travel Agent

We were fortunate to have the wonderful Pixie Brenda, a Disney travel agent and long time family friend, plan our trip for us. If you are planning a Disney trip of any kind, look this lady up. It doesn’t cost you anything to use a Disney travel agent, in fact, they’ll most likely save you money. A Disney travel agent will make the planning easy and ensure that your trip is flawless.

This is the most important tip. I cannot emphasize it enough. If you are going on any kind of Disney vacation, use a Disney travel agent! They know more about Disney, the adult side included, than you or I could ever learn from reading guide books and Pinterest tips. They will help you make your trip exactly what you want and take care of all of the details.

Check out the view from our room Pixie Brenda scored us. That’s Cinderella’s Castle in the distance. Oh, and by the way, we stayed at a Deluxe Disney Resort and payed less than the price of a Moderate. Use a Disney travel agent.


2. Explore Your Dining Options

Many people don’t realize this, but Disney World has a multitude of high end dining options.

And they are included on the meal plan.*

If you are wanting to explore the adult side of Disney, eating at these places is a must. There are generally no kids in sight and it’s a very classy experience. Since it was our honeymoon and eating good food is how we like to celebrate, we ate most of our meals at the high end places.

On top of the great food, these places pretty much always went out of their way to help us celebrate our honeymoon with complimentary chocolates and champagne toasts. And the food was amazing! We were lucky enough to get to do the chef’s table at Victoria and Albert’s and ohmygosh. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

If you are looking to experience the adult side of Disney, the fine dining is not to be missed.

*Fine dining is included on some meal plans, check with your travel agent as to what your plan covers.

3. Stay at a Deluxe Resort

We stayed at the Polynesian Resort during our honeymoon and absolutely loved it. Besides having great transportation to all of the parks, it also had a fantastic variety of restaurants and cafes and our room was stunning.

The Deluxe Resorts feel just a bit more secluded than the Value or Moderate resorts. For us, wanting to experience the adult side of Disney on our honeymoon, this was perfect. We loved all of the little places to hide away. Just outside our room was a hidden stretch of beach with a swing where we sat and watched the Magic Kingdom “Wishes” fireworks several nights.

The gardens, the palm trees, the beaches, and the water view… sigh. When you’re at one of the Deluxe Resorts you don’t feel like you’re at an amusement park. It truly feels like an exotic escape.

4. Check Out the Grand Floridian Spa

One of the best parts of our honeymoon was our couple’s massage at the Grand Floridian Senses Spa. The spa is lovely and in true Disney fashion, they take impeccable care of you.

If you are looking for a relaxing, adult style vacation, the spa is not to be missed. The dressing rooms are stunning and you have full access to the facilities the entire day of your treatment.

We chose to do the massage on our last day and it was so relaxing. A perfect end to our honeymoon.

5. Spend Some Time at the Epcot World Showcase

Any guide you read will tell you to head straight to Epcot if you are looking for an adult Disney vacation. There are very few rides, few kids (in comparison to other areas), and lots of good food. You can spend all day at the World Showcase enjoying the shows in each country, taking in the unique scenery of each country, and of course eating and drinking around the world.

Throughout the year, Disney puts on different festivals that center around the showcase including the Food and Wine Festival, the Flower Festival, and the Holidays Around the World Festival. If you happen to be at the park during one of these times there is even more to do in the Epcot World Showcase.

No matter when you go, this part of Disney World is relaxing, beautiful, and completely full of Disney Magic with an adult twist.

6. Set Aside Some Time for the Jiko Wine Tasting

It’s no secret that my husband and I love and appreciate good food and wine. We generally form our vacations, and daily lives for that matter, around food and wine. For us, getting to participate in this unique wine tasting experience was essential to our adult Disney vacation.

Jiko is the African themed restaurant at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. One of Disney’s sommeliers  puts on the semi-private tasting each afternoon at this restaurant. It’s a really fun afternoon with interesting wines, great pairings, and great conversation. We had an absolute blast and learned a lot about South African wines!

2015-04-15 15.04.39

While we really were out to experience the adult side of Disney, we couldn’t help but enjoy some of our favorite non adult aspects of the resort as well…

Clearly my husband enjoys roller-coasters more than I do. We have ten pictures from the ten different rides we did and they all look exactly the same.


Mickey on a stick! Because can you go to Disney World without getting one of these?

2015-04-15 14.02.15

His first opportunity to complain about the old ball and chain.

2015-04-16 17.05.31

And best of all, our last little piece of Disney magic. It came up while were were ordering that we were heading to the airport after lunch. The waiter surprised us with this beauty for dessert.

The Disney staff truly go above and beyond for their guests. We felt so cared for and special throughout our entire trip.

2015-04-17 12.30.36

A fitting end to a beautiful, perfect, and (mostly) adult Disney honeymoon.


If you’re planning a Disney honeymoon, these items might make your trip even more magical:

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The 6 Best Ways to Adult at Disney World




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