First Day on Isle of Skye

My long time friend, Dayna, and I are lucky enough to be able to spend several days in one of the most beautiful parts of the Scottish Highlands, Isle of Skye. The name alone makes it sound mystical and other-worldly, and boy is it. Here’s a peek at the highlights from our first day:

In lieu of renting a car and trying to navigate the treacherous Skye roads, Dayna and I opted to take a tour! We went through Love Skye Tours and had a lovely guide named Heather. As it is the beginning of the season we were the only two on her tour so we kind of got to create our own schedule for the day.

We had a glorious time!

Isle of Skye exceeded my wildest dreams and surpassed every expectation I had.

It would be far too easy to fall in love with this place and never leave.

Here are our Day 1 highlights:

  1. The Fairy Pools

It’s hard to tell in this picture, but the water is teal blue in color. Fairies are prominent figures in Scottish folklore and legend says that these pools were one of the places they could be found. There are many pools located together and they are stunning.


2. Coral Beach

This picture may look like it was taken somewhere in the Caribbean, but don’t be fooled! Who knew Scotland had beaches that looked like this? This beach experience comes complete with a visit from a herd of highland sheep.


3. Fairy Glen

I wasn’t particularly excited for this site before we arrived, but it ended up being my favorite thing of the day. This “glen in miniature” is said to be the home of the fairies. Pictures just don’t do it justice. It’s equal parts bizarre, eerie, and breathtakingly beautiful.


That’s just a small look at our first day on Skye. Tomorrow promises to be equally amazing and I’ll be sure to share pictures!

For information and pictures from our second day on Skye, click here.



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