Second Day on Isle of Skye

I simply can not say enough good things about Isle of Skye! This place is stunning around every turn. Our second day was just as good as our first! If Skye isn’t already on your bucket list, it should be and here’s why…

No place in the world looks like Isle of Skye. It has a beauty all it’s own. On top of that, the people of the island are truly unique and very hospitable. You’ll find more native Gaelic speakers here than anywhere else in the world.

In case you’re just tuning in, check out my post from yesterday, First Day on Isle of Skye.

I’ll save you a click though and give you the gist. My long time friend, Dayna, and I are spending a few days on the beautiful Isle of Skye in the Scottish highlands. We took an awesome tour and there are pictures from some of the most beautiful places that we visited.

Today, we took a tour through Tour Skye. Our tour guide was a woman who was born and raised on the island. She was a native Gaelic speaker and had been guiding tours for 25 years. We had a wonderful time letting her show us “her” island.

Here are some of the highlights:

  1. The Old Man of Storr

I remember learning about this rock formation in my 7th grade science class, so it was awesome to get to see it in person! The rock used to look like the face of an old man (hence the name), but because the area is still moving the face no longer exists. The hike out is pretty long, but the views are spectacular!


2. Kilt Rock

Similar to the Fairy Glen in yesterday’s post, I wasn’t particularly excited about this stop, but I ended up loving it! There also happened to be a piper playing right by the viewpoint so try to imagine looking at this with bagpipe music playing in the background.


3. The Quaraing

Pronounced Kor-ang, this is one of the most popular sites on the island. This area has been used for countless movies and is extremely recognizable. Again, the views are simply stunning. Pictures just don’t do it justice.


Our trip to Skye has been a great one. I think I’ve taken about a thousand pictures and my whole body aches from all the hiking, but I’ve loved every second of it!

Tomorrow, Dayna and I will take the long train ride back to Edinburgh, but I know this experience will stay with us for the rest of our lives.



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