Edinburgh’s Lauriston Castle

I am officially winning our date night competition after the date I planned this weekend. I took Blythe to one of Edinburgh’s hidden gems, Lauriston Castle, to stroll through the gardens and tour the historic residence. For just a few pounds we had an entire day full of relaxation and fun!


Just when I think we’ve discovered everything there is to see and do in Edinburgh, we find a new treasure.

Laursiton Castle is a 16th century residence that has been the home to many famous Edinburgh residents. It was gifted to the nation after the last owner’s passing in the 1920’s and has since been open to the public. The last owner requested that it be left unaltered so that people could see the stately residence exactly as it was. It is absolutely beautiful!

The gardens are also gorgeous and are free to stroll through. The castle can be seen by tour only and costs 5 GBP per adult. If you are interested in visiting, I have more information about touring the castle at the bottom of this post.


On sunny days in Edinburgh, practically every grassy area in the city is flooded with people trying to soak up a few meager hours of sunny warmth. However, despite it’s beauty, it seems that the Lauriston grounds remain somewhat undiscovered. Even though the weather was perfect,  we almost felt like we were at some private retreat in the highlands while at Lauriston. Very few people were there meaning that we were able to have a very peaceful, romantic stroll through gardens that we felt we had all to ourselves.


I brought us a picnic lunch and we sat on a bench and watched a group play croquet while we ate.

As a kid, I remember just trying to knock the balls through the arches in some kind of pre-set, crazy pattern. The people we saw playing were very serious about the sport of croquet. Honestly, we were very impressed by them.

Also, what a beautiful view the Lauriston Castle residents had! You can’t tell in this picture, but the field below houses sheep and beyond that is the Firth of Forth and Cramond Island. Gorgeous! Your own personal Scottish beach retreat.


I have something to confess to you guys.

I LOVE English hedges.

With a passion.

They are everywhere in the U.K. and I can’t get enough of them. Here’s a compilation of a few of my favorite hedges so far:


At Lauriston Castle


At Stirling Castle

WP_20150830_14_41_32_Pro (2)

The King of all hedges at the Royal Botanic Garden! This is what dreams are made of.

So all of this to say that I’m winning the date competition. The grounds of Lauriston were beautiful and the tour of the castle was full of secret passageways, stunning furniture, and a few oddities. Blythe couldn’t get enough of the library.

As I promised above, here is everything you need to know if you want to visit Lauriston Castle too.

  1. The grounds are completely free to visit, their hours can be found here.
  2. Walking through the castle is by tour only. The tour lasts about 1 hour and is at 2 pm every day but Friday in the high season and less often in the winter. The tour costs 5 GBP per adult. For opening dates, visit the link here.
  3. The castle puts on events regularly, especially in the summer. Visit the website here to see what’s on.

If you are planning to travel to Edinburgh, be sure to check out my Complete Edinburgh Travel Guide for everything you need to know about the city.

Doing all of the touristy things in Edinburgh for date days has been a wonderful way for us to see all the city has to offer.

No matter where you live, I highly suggest that you take opportunities to be tourists in your own town. You might discover awesome places that you never knew existed!

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