The Ultimate Guide to the Monty Python Castle (Doune Castle)

Doune Castle, located not far from both Edinburgh and Glasgow has been used as the filming location for several Monty Python movies, Game of Thrones, Outlander, and more! Of all the castles we’ve visited, this one stands among the best. A day here is not only entertaining, but exploring the castle feels like an adventure! This is everything you need to know about visiting Doune Castle:


What to Do at the Castle:


Be sure not to miss the castle grounds. It sits on a lovely river and some beautiful views and woodlands surrounding it.

The castle is full of old staircases, passageways, and hidden rooms that are great fun to discover and explore. Make sure you leave no corner unchecked!


Walk on the castle walls. If you can brave the height, you’ll get a cool view of the countryside from the top of the castle. If you’re a fan of Monty Python and the Holy Grail you’ll wish you had brought along some fake livestock to throw at the ka-nig-uts below!

Listen to the audio guide in all the rooms. More than just Monty Python movies have been filmed here. Others on the list include Game of Thrones and Outlander. Though the audio guide focuses mostly on Monty Python filming locations, it does touch on some of the locations for other films. You’ll definitely want to reenact some of your favorite Monty Python scenes along the way!

How to get here:

Doune Castle is located just outside the small town of Deanston. To reach the castle, you have several options:

  1. Rent a car- While I normally am an advocate for public transportation, in this case I think renting a car is the best option. The castle is just about an hour’s drive from both Edinburgh and Glasgow. There is a nice sized parking lot and the entrance is easy to find.
  2. Public Transportation- Getting to Doune Castle with public transportation can be a bit tricky. You won’t be able to take a single vehicle all the way there. Your options are to take a bus or train to Stirling, then board a separate bus to Deanston. It will get you there, but be prepared for  waits between buses and a little bit of walking.

Hours and Ticket Prices:

Click here for current opening times and ticket prices.

Doune Castle is included on the Historic Scotland Explorer Pass. If you plan on visiting multiple Historic Scotland sites during your visit, look into this pass. It could save you some money!

Other Things to Do in the Area:

Deanston is a small Scottish town, but it does have a few cute cafes and a popular distillery. The distillery offers tours every hour that include a whiskey tasting. The tour is great, the staff is friendly, and you simply can’t visit Scotland without trying Scottish whiskey!

Be sure to book ahead to avoid disappointment!

Pro Tourist Tips:

Here are a few of my pro tips to help make your trip seamless:

  1. It’s Scotland, prepare for rain no matter what time of year you visit. Umbrellas will be ripped to shreds in the Scottish wind. Opt for a good rain coat instead.
  2. Wear tennis shoes (trainers). The castle is full of very old, narrow, winding staircases. If it rains, they will be wet and they will be slick. Be sure you wear appropriate footwear so you’re able to explore all of the rooms in the castle.
  3. You will need about two hours to explore the castle fully. It’s not huge, but it does have quite a few rooms and passageways that you won’t want to miss.
  4. Also, make sure you pick up a free audio guide when you buy your ticket. The guide was recorded by some of the Monty Python actors and gives the tour in the style of the movies. It’s entertaining and informative!

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