A Cultural Night on the Town

For date night this week, Blythe decided to combine two cultural experiences that I can’t imagine have ever been mentioned in the same breath. We ate dinner at Shebeen, a South African restaurant, and then saw a performance by the Scottish Fiddle Orchestra at the beautiful Usher Hall.


When we arrived in Edinburgh almost a year ago (where did the time go?!?), we were immediately attracted to Shebeen. After falling in love with the South African wines that we had on our honeymoon (if you haven’t seen the post about our honeymoon yet, you can read about it here), we were very excited about the prospect of eating some South African food and enjoying some more of the unique wine that comes from the region. For some reason, it took us ten months to finally make it to this gem in Edinburgh. Although the wait was long, it did NOT disappoint.

Blythe and I shared a perfect (not so little) appetizer, two very traditional South African mains, and washed it down with a wonderfully chocolatety (yes… chocolatety!) bottle of wine! And just like that, I fell head over heels in love with another of the world’s cuisines (don’t tell Blythe about all of these love interests…).

After eating way more than we should have, we made our way down the street to one of the most beautiful theaters I have ever seen! Full to the gills with food from below the equator, we were serenaded by the music of my ancestor’s homeland. The orchestra plays traditional Scottish folk songs and is accompanied by highland dancers, a pipe band, and vocalists. It was an incredible experience, and a beautiful look into the soul of a culture that is very proud of where they come from (as is apparent by the amount of tartan that adorned the stage).

I love exploring all of the cultures this world has to offer, and feel so lucky to be able to do it with Blythe by my side.



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2 thoughts on “A Cultural Night on the Town

  1. Anonymous says:

    You two are a beautiful match- I so glad y’all are having so much fun & seeingso many things that only a few people can or will see- keep on looking & enjoying your new experiences!! I can’t wait to hear how your parents like Scotland. Just so they don’t decide to stay there too –

    Liked by 1 person

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