Flooding in Greece and Swimming in Olive Oil

We arrived in a beautiful, sunny Greece a week and a half ago. After living over a year in Scotland, we were ready to see the sun and feel its warmth again. Little did we know, the rain was following us around.

Two days after our arrival, heavy rain started falling. After it started, it didn’t stop for the entire night. By the time all was said and done Tarapsa had received more rain than anyone living here could remember. The family we are staying with runs a restaurant in their village and the morning after the rain we woke up to find a river running through the restaurant. Once the water cleared, it left about two solid inches of mud behind. We had to forgo the house work and grape harvest that we originally planned to help with to scoop mud and clean every inch of the restaurant. With all available family and friends helping, the restaurant was open for business the next day and in two days was completely back to normal. We were very glad that we happened to be around to lend a hand with the unexpected mess.


One of the wonderful things about the weather in Greece, is that the air is so dry and warm that looking around today, you would never know that such a torrential rain came through. The ground is dry, the roads are back to normal, and the sun is shining like it never stopped. We had a barbecue with the family yesterday and the weather was perfect! Also, the food was amazing…

The family makes their own olive oil from the olives they grow. Being the good Greeks that they are, they use their olive oil on absolutely everything. It is so delicious! For the barbecue, the meat was seasoned with olive oil and herbs. It was then finished off with more olive oil after cooking. The bread was grilled and drizzled with olive oil, the potatoes were mashed with olive oil and garlic, and the Greek salad (a staple with any meal here) was dressed with a healthy amount of olive oil. I haven’t had a dish yet that hasn’t been made with olive oil and I’m not complaining.

As I said, we were meant to be helping to fix up a house owned by the family during our time here. Even though we had a couple of days worth of delay, we have been able to get some of the work done.


Blythe got all of the kitchen tiles taken down and today he and one of the family members are installing new ones. So progress is being made!

We’ve also had some time off to explore. Our hosts have pointed us in the direction of both a gorgeous beach and some amazing Byzantine ruins. We’ve done a lot of trekking and have certainly been earning our Greek feasts.

We have about another week in Greece and we’re looking forward to soaking up the sun and warmth as much as possible. It’s been a dream to gaze out over this view every evening.


I hope you’re enjoying the sunsets wherever you are.

Until next time,



6 thoughts on “Flooding in Greece and Swimming in Olive Oil

  1. Shirley says:

    What an adventure- bet you weren’t thinking you had to help out flood victims – we are so proud of you. For doing what needed to be done – even on your vacation- keep on having fun!!!!- Shirley


  2. Sandra Noton says:

    You are an amazing couple. You are both so dedicated to each other, smart, thrifty and unafraid of the people and environment you have visited. What an awesome journey. God bless the rest of your tour abroad.


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