Parisian Hot Chocolate Made My Dreams Come True

This is an “after the fact” post, but I feel like I’d be letting you all down if I didn’t share this absolutely phenomenal, totally delicious, delightful decadent experience with you. The truth is, it’s been five days since I last experienced the lusciousness that is Parisian hot chocolate and I still can’t stop thinking about it!

You can find Parisian hot chocolate in almost any cafe in Paris. You would be letting yourself down if you ever made a trip to Paris without getting at least one cup.



Parisian hot chocolate is different than regular hot chocolate in that there is WAY more chocolate in it. Traditional hot chocolate has a ratio of 20% chocolate to 80% milk or cream while Parisian hot chocolate has a ratio of 50/50.

Parisians also use a very high quality chocolate in their hot cocoa meaning that what is served to you is very dark in color and slightly bitter in taste. But never fear, they also bring you sugar to sweeten the hot chocolate to your taste.

It is literally high quality melted chocolate thinned out just enough to drink.

Ooh la la!

My cup o’ chocolate came from a cafe at the Palace of Versailles. Oh my goodness gracious… Life doesn’t get any better. All of my chocolate dreams have come true.

You better believe a recipe for this bad boy will be coming your way from me when we get back to reality.

Stay tuned!


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