Why Doolin, Ireland is the Best Base for Seeing the Cliffs of Moher


Ever dreamt of seeing the famous Cliffs of Moher in Ireland? If so, the tiny town of Doolin in County Clare needs to be your base camp and here’s why:

What to Do

The town may be small, but the adventures are big


Cliff walk with Pat- To date, this is one of our favorite travel experiences. Pat, a local farmer, walks a small group along the cliffside from Doolin to the highest point of the cliffs at the visitor center every morning. The walk is stunning, well organized, and informative. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that will leave you with a deep respect for Ireland and its people. Find out more about the cliff walk here.

Live music – Doolin is world renowned for its traditional live music. You would be remiss if you were in the area and didn’t spend at least one evening drinking Guinness  while listening to the local musicians. You can find more information about Doolin’s live music scene here.

The Burren- Only a short bus ride away, the Burren is a truly unique stone landscape holding secrets of times past. You can find out more about the Burren here.

The Aran Islands- The three Aran Islands are the last outposts of Irish Gaelic civilisation. Just a 30 minute boat ride from Doolin, they offer a perfect day of exploration. Find out more about the Aran Islands here.

Soak up the local culture- Shop on Fisher Street, relax with a book, drink tea, take a stroll, or play a board game by the fire. Does life get any better?

Where to Stay


Doolin is home to two amazing hostels; the Allie River Hostel (where we stayed- pictured) and the Doolin Hostel. You can’t go wrong with either one, but I will say that the Allie River hostel is one of our favorite hostels to date.

If hostels aren’t your thing, the town also boasts many lodges and B&Bs. You can find a list of all accommodation in the area here.

Things to Know


There is no grocery store in Doolin. There is, however, a small shop that carries some very expensive sparse basics. The next closest slightly larger small shop is several kilometers away. Be sure to do any food shopping before arriving.

There is no ATM in Doolin. Pull out any cash you may need before arriving.

Getting there-The only way to reach Doolin other than driving is by bus. The bus has a stop right in front of the Doolin Hostel and another one just up the road from Allie River Hostel. Just tell the driver where you’re staying and usually they are very helpful in letting you off in the right spot. The Bus Eireann system is extensive and a great way to get around the country. If you will be doing a lot of travelling by bus, I highly recommend checking out their Open Road Pass. It saved us a bunch of money!

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