Three of the Best Daytime Hiking Locations Outside London


Europe, the United Kingdom in particular, will forever have a hold on the hearts of travelers. The birthplace of Shakespeare and The Beatles is not only known for its famous personalities and tourist destinations, but also for its efficient transportation system. Take London as a prime example. In the capital, where two of the world’s busiest airports are located, going in, out, and around the city is easy. It bodes well for tourists, like us, as we can explore the hidden wonders of a city and tread the proverbial “road less traveled” with no trouble at all. Of course, traveling to London begins and ends inside its world-famous, massive aviation hubs.

Prior to flying in, from say Gatwick Airport, we should at least have an inkling on the type of public transportation that offers the quickest and/or the cheapest way to get to our accommodation. The Londonist explains the fastest mode of transit from the airport is the Gatwick Express, which costs somewhere around £15.40 to £19.90, depending on your destination. On the flipside, the least expensive approach would be to hop on an easyBus, which will only set you back for as little as £2.

For Londoners, who are driving to and from the airport, most of them are aware how packed its parking spaces can be. Again, let’s take Gatwick as a valid example. Since this Crawley, West Sussex airport has the busiest single-use runway in the world, according to Panethos, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that its car bays are often full. Parking4Less, even ranks Gatwick first in terms of the most active airport parking locations in the UK. With this, drivers should always put a premium on understanding its various provisions, as well as knowing when to pre-book a parking slot.

By now you might be wondering why we’re focusing on London’s convenient public transportation sector. Because this aspect of traveling makes it easy for us to navigate its streets – thus encouraging us to take matters a step further. Not many people – including locals – know about the daytime hiking locations outside the capital. Lucky for you, we’re here to give you a rundown of three of the best day trekking locations near London.

Hastings Circular

Let’s begin with the nearest to London and arguably the best castle view in England: Hastings Circular. Here, you’ll have the chance to by-pass the Old Town, which provides scenic vistas of the seafront, en route to a steep coastal trail known simply as Country Park. This path is also excellent for beginners, as the Hastings Circular trail encompasses a little less than six miles.

Waltham Abbey

Waltham Abbey, on the other hand, offers a different take on the term “artistic trek.” Upon exploring the Lea Valley trail, you’ll instantly see beautiful works of art that includes Stag Beetles, as well as the Glade and the Giant Chair. It even features an art piece called Musicality, which is a huge playable xylophone at the heart of a quaint park.

Epping Forest Oak

Without exaggerating, Epping Forest Oak highlights one of the most – if not the most – spectacular daytime hiking trails outside of London. The path combines aesthetic and historical charms of woodland prairies, beech pollards, and a deer sanctuary. Epping Forest Oak even has a bevy of hares and skylarks, as well as the majestic remnants of an Iron Age hill fort.

This article came to Southern Abroad courtesy of London expert Katherine Long


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