Hi, I’m Kaitlyn!

I am a small town Texas, recently married, food-loving, detail oriented, Aggie graduate currently living in Scotland. My combined love of food and travelling inspired me to start Southern Abroad, but this blog isn’t my first time to be featured in the public sphere. You might know me from a popular greeting card sold in the U.S. a few years back (try to contain your excitement, please).


Yes, this is my real family. That’s me holding the goat. A photographer pulled into the driveway one day and asked to take a picture of us. We obliged and years later we were shocked to see our faces in Walmarts all around the country. The inside reads, “Even though none of us understand any of that book learnin’ stuff”.

That’s fame, folks.

I grew up in a small (but now quickly growing) town in Texas that my family founded back in the 1850’s. My husband and I were the 6th generation to be married in the church I grew up in and my family has been farming the same property for over 150 years. I love where I come from and am absolutely a southern girl at heart.

My husband and I have spent the last year living in Scotland and now we are on an extended trip through Europe. On this blog I share our travel stories, travel guides, and favorite recipes from around the world.

The concept of the Ultimate Trip Guide was born when I began writing them for myself to guide my own trips. After countless hours of internet research before each trip, I found myself longing for a “one stop shop” for trip planning. I’ve worked hard to create that one stop shop for you to each destination we visit!

I believe that the best way to experience another culture is through its food. While on trips, food experiences are a high priority for me and after returning home I love to recreate our favorite dishes. All recipes I share are authentic, proven, and are guaranteed to bring the world to your kitchen.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes. The card doesn’t capture the real family. Education is very important in this family but we all got a kick out of this card. All very surprised when it showed up in the stores.


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